Bracelet Size Guide

How to Know Bracelet Size

Shopping for your bracelet will be a lot easier if you only know the right size of your wrist.  Most people will be at ease in wearing accessories with a bracelet length of 7 to 7.5 inches which is regarded as the standard size.  But there are different ways to tell the appropriate inner circumference of the wrist bangles that will help you choose the proper size of your bracelet.  Here are some of the recommended methods.


How to Measure Bracelet Size with Tape Measure


  1. To determine the proper men’s bracelet sizes, you need to measure the broadest area of your wrist. You also need to know what side guys wear bracelets.  Find a soft and flexible tape measure; place one end of the tape measure in between your hand and wrist bone and wrap it around your wrist. Remember that the measurement that you will get will not be the size of your bracelet but the size of your wrist.
  2. Add an extra ¼-1 inches to the size of your wrist depending on how you like the bracelet to fit.  You need to be aware that the more you increase your normal wrist size, the more that the leather accessories will hang lower.
  3. In case you cannot find a tape measure, you can also use a thin string or paper strip.  Simply create a marking on the place where the strip overlaps on your wrist. Lay the paper strips on a flat surface and get the measurement using a ruler.


Bracelet Size Guide

On the off chance that you are having trouble in measuring the size of your bracelet, we have created this short bracelet size guide to help you determine the appropriate length of your bracelet.


  • Kids – For the newborn baby up to at least 6 months old, the right size of the bracelets are about 4 inches.  An extra ½ inches is added for infant’s ages 6 months old up to 1 year.  5 inches is suitable for children 1-2 years old and 5 ½ for 2-5 years of age. 6 inches will typically be appropriate for 6 to 8 years old, and 6 ½ inches will perfectly fit the 9-13 years age bracket.
  • Women – The appropriate size for women is not determined by their age but by their size and shape.  The petite woman will feel comfortable with 7 inches length, for the medium woman, 7 ½ to 8 inches will ideally fit.  For women who are in a larger department, they should look for a bracelet length of 8 ½ inches and 9 inches for the plus-size.
  • Men’s Bracelet Sizes – Same with women, the size and shape of men will generally dictate their bracelet length.  For instance, small men will commonly wear 8 inches and 8 ½ for the medium-sized men.  Large men will find 9 inches bracelet before relaxing as well as the 9 ½ inches for the plus size.


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