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Sens Pen Packaging

Build your own


Sens minimalistic pen by Verge.

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We have left only sense by removing all unnecessary details. Our minimalistic pen is very simple, it consists only from two pieces.
Thanks to slight teardrop shape pen is perfectly balanced and it’s very comfortable in writing.
We have designed unique twist mechanism. In order to activate the pen, you just need to turn it. You will definitely love it.
Pen made from aircraft aluminum, because of its durability and lightness. But to make this all happen we needed all craftsmanship of working with metal.
We have thought over the ink as well. We have found innovative system for smooth and elegant writing. This refill combines the convenience of a ballpoint pen with the individual writing characteristics of a fountain pen.
All this was made to create perfect writing instrument.


Length: 136 mm (5,35 in)
Diameter: 9 – 11 mm
Weight: 28 grams (1 oz)