Notebook Leather Cover


Notebook Leather Cover


Notebook Leather Cover.

To keep your pen and notebook together, we created a simple, yet functional cover. Under its minimalist look there are compartments for the notebook and pen, two slots for cards and a small pocket for some little things that may be handy throughout your day. The cover is also a stylish accessory that’s hard to let off your hands, moreover to forget at home.

The cover is made from natural vegetable tanned leather to give it strength and a nice texture. It also develops a rich tint as time goes on. The leather is cut with a laser for precision and accuracy that are impossible to achieve while cutting by hand.

But the sewing is only done manually – it is far more difficult, but the stitches come out stronger and last longer. As a final step, we carefully treat the edges of the leather to give the cover its finished look and provide you with a product that is ideal in every detail.

Simple like everything ingenious, this set is great to have around. It gives an ability to write down, sketch, plan and organize your plans and ideas to turn them into successful achievements in the future.


  • Vegetable tanned leather
  • Nylon thread
  • Hand sewn
  • Pen sleeve
  • 155mm x 115mm ( 6,1 ” x 4,5 ” )