How to Tie a Bracelet with Anchor

How to Tie a Bracelet with Anchor

During the earlier years, a man wearing jewelry apart from a traditional wedding band and a regular watch will be considered ostentatious, rebellious, arty and effeminate.  However, that reality drastically changed over the last 5 years.  With the renewed interest on men’s bracelet, the sale on the handmade leather goods has immensely increased.  In just a short matter of time, it is now relatively impossible to shake the hand of another man without finding a wrist accessory.  But most of the designs of these men’s accessories are unique, masculine and complicated which also makes the process of putting on a bracelet complicated.  Here’s how you can put on bracelet by yourself.

How to Put on Bracelet with Anchor

In case you are just planning to buy nautical bracelets with anchor or if you are fairly new on the anchor bracelet concept and you have no idea on how to properly put them on or you are not sure if they will fit perfectly well, do not fret.  We will tell you all the things that you need to be aware of regarding your designer accessories.  You will look stylish in a matter of minutes and feel at ease and confident in wearing them.

Most of the anchor bracelet will just perfectly slip into your wrist without any hassle and trouble.  The simple rule when you tie rope bracelet is to let the anchor rest in your wrist while you are holding the loop.  Wrap it into your wrist and tuck the loop in the hook of the anchor.  In case you want to tighten it or loosen it, simply move the knot in a proper direction.  The knot will conveniently move in both directions that will help you fine tune your bracelet until it perfectly fits your wrist.

There are also different ways to put on bracelet.  Some of the most popular ways to wear them include:

  • Solo-In case you are minimalistic, you can either wear the anchor bracelet all by itself in one of your wrist or on each of your wrists.
  •  Stacks-Layers of anchor bracelet that are identical or complement each other will enhance your style.
  • Wearing It with A Watch- You may also put on bracelet together with your watch; just make sure that the anchor bracelet will not distract the watch.
  • Wearing it with the Other Bracelet- In case you want to be stylish, you can wear your anchor bracelet with other metal of beaded bracelet.

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